'Knives with Horns'

Being a hunter myself I know that the horns of your proud trophy nearly always end up in your garage or on the rubbish dump.
This problem can be solved by using it to build an unique knife.Something that you can take back to the hunting field.The knife
could also be engraved with particulars of your hunt.

Normally the knife-handles are made from 'refined' and polished horns from various antelope. An example of this is the following
knife made from Buffalo horn. The handle of the hunting  folder is also made from Impala horn with a Kudu laser cut into the front of the knife.

Biltong carver with Impala horn handle and Kudu laser cut into the blade.
     These two  hunting knives are made from the horn of Impala in its 'rough' form.        The Warthog tooth is not wasted and transformed into this bottle opener.